She Means Profit

Improving Brand Visibility Through Marketing Strategies with Kelsey Reidl

April 10, 2023 Melissa Houston Season 1 Episode 143
She Means Profit
Improving Brand Visibility Through Marketing Strategies with Kelsey Reidl
Show Notes

“Create what you consume.” - Kelsey Reidl

In a competitive environment like the business industry, having the right strategies is the tool to success. While it is a fact that marketing should reflect a brand's personality and be fun, brands should focus on "self-expressed" marketing strategies as well. A good way to start creating a social media strategy for your brand is to create content that you would enjoy consuming.

By creating content that aligns with your own preferences, you're more likely to be successful with your marketing efforts. This is because you'll have a deeper understanding of your target audience and what kind of content they enjoy consuming. In this way, you can develop a more efficient and effective marketing strategy.

Whether you are an entrepreneur just starting out or a small business owner looking to revamp your marketing strategy, this episode offers practical tips and insights for building a successful marketing strategy that is aligned with your mission and values.

Tune in to learn how to create a positive, exciting, and high-energy vibe around your products, experiment with different strategies, and see real results.

Listen to learn:‌

  • Identifying the mission behind a marketing strategy
  • The three key elements of a marketing strategy: mission, mindset, and main ingredients
  • Why energy in marketing matters and its impact on brand loyalty
  • Direct response marketing drives engagement and building community
  • Fostering connections with your audience through conversation and engagement


01:09  Intro
03:28  Struggles of Entrepreneurs
04:04  Understanding marketing from a Venn diagram perspective
09:20  Create what you consume
14:26  Self-expressed content as the most powerful piece of marketing
17:19  Marketing is all about energy
21:44  Marketing is a two-way conversation

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