She Means Profit

Building Your Financial Confidence

April 17, 2023 Melissa Houston Season 1 Episode 144
She Means Profit
Building Your Financial Confidence
Show Notes

"Money serves as a tool to help you create positive things in the world and support your values."

—Melissa Houston

Contrary to the common notion, money is NOT just a number. We all know how this number in our banks and our wallets has a huge influence on our quality of life.  So, it is not surprising that many of us tie our worth and happiness to the amount of money that we have. We stress about chasing it and work hard to attain it.

And while money has the power to make us feel secure, it should never be linked to how we identify and value ourselves. Our worth isn’t dependent on how much money we make.

Don’t let money have the power over you; instead, allow yourself to control your finances and embody the right money mindset. Equip yourself with financial strategies and plans that align with your values. That way, you allow yourself to be empowered by money in many positive ways.

Listen to learn:‌

  • Why we should look at money as a tool
  • Acknowledging your beliefs around money is important
  • What financial literacy is
  • Why you should diversify your investments
  • Investing in financial education is a must
  • How to develop positive money mindset


00:12  Intro
03:23  Cash Confident pre-order
04:04  Definition of money
09:32  The right money mindset
11:06  Develop money habits
12:04  Transforming money mindset into a positive one
18:25 Invest in yourself

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