She Means Profit

Building a Business Beyond Your Great Idea

May 01, 2023 Melissa Houston Season 1 Episode 146
She Means Profit
Building a Business Beyond Your Great Idea
Show Notes

"The key to succeeding in business isn't just having a strong idea, but also knowing how to manage your business correctly."

—Melissa Houston

What motivated you to start your business? Each of us has unique reasons why we started to take the journey of entrepreneurship. For some, it’s their passion, while for others, it’s the desire to have another source of income.

But running a thriving business requires a good grasp and understanding of financial management.

You have to consider everything that builds your business: numbers, profit, data, operations, and marketing.

Have the courage to take the bold step towards a successful business through cultivating knowledge, vision, and dedication about finances. You can reach levels you never thought were possible—if you do the work to get there.

This episode talks about the things you need to prioritize to make your business successful.

Listen to learn about:‌

  • How to manage your business correctly
  • Importance of getting Cash Confident
  • How to make your business more profitable
  • Things to consider in business
  • Making a financial plan


04:20  Running and developing a successful business
04:53  Looking at your business data
08:34  Unique opportunity to construct own business model
09:57  Poor money management
10:20  Ultimate responsibility for financial future
10:47  Why do you need a financial plan for your business
15:50  Pre-order Cash Confident

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