She Means Profit

Increase Your Sales Volume

May 15, 2023 Melissa Houston Season 1 Episode 148
She Means Profit
Increase Your Sales Volume
Show Notes

“Finding new and innovative ways to increase the amount and frequency of sales should be one of your top priorities if you want long-term success.”

—Melissa Houston

Sales volume is essential; it is the heart of your business.

Without sales, businesses cannot drive revenue, gain profits, and eventually grow. In simple words, there is no business if you don’t have sales.

But increasing your sales volume is not easy. You need to put in effort, dedication, sweat, time, and willingness to take risks. And to become a successful business owner with a lot of sales, you need to be constantly innovating, trying new things, and adapting to changing market conditions.

In this episode, we’ll break down the key points on how you can increase your sales volume so that you can finally pay close attention to your sales volume, keep track of it, set goals for improvement, and take action to make it grow!

Listen to learn:‌

  • Importance of increasing sales
  • Understanding the breakeven sales point
  • Making a suitable business model
  • Essentials of real-time data
  • Being the top on sales as a business owner
  • Significance of dedicating time and effort for sales
  • Tracking the numbers at all times


02:25  Enter Cash Confident reviews
04:12  Monitoring sales volume
05:04  Breakeven point in sales
07:19  Making a financial plan
10:58  Monitoring progress throughout the month
11:53  Having a detailed real-time data 
13:12  Tracking your numbers

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