She Means Profit

Boosting Business Profit through Mastering Sales Conversion Tracking

October 30, 2023 Melissa Houston Season 1 Episode 159
She Means Profit
Boosting Business Profit through Mastering Sales Conversion Tracking
Show Notes

“The bottom line is that tracking your sales conversion is an essential step towards driving your business profit and ensuring that your business profit continues to grow and thrive, and not just your profit, but your sales and your whole business.”

—Melissa Houston

What sets a business up for success? It should have the capacity for profitability and scale.

Making a profit in your business can be tough, especially in a challenging economy. In this episode, we emphasize that tracking sales conversions is not just about boosting profit but about fostering a holistic and thriving business.

Smart business owners take into consideration their marketing and sales performance indicators. Why? Because when you are critical about your marketing and sales, you learn what’s working and what needs to improve to achieve sustainability.

Success in business does not happen in an instant. It truly takes time and effort, no doubt about it. But here’s the secret: investing your time and effort to wholeheartedly grasp your business’s financial data and sales will provide you with the necessary foundation for your business to thrive.

Listen to learn:‌

  • Why tracking sales conversions improves business profit
  • Why business owners must understand the marketing and sales KPIs in their business
  • Why determining the customer needs is beneficial in improving your sales
  • How to reach the right people to help meet your business goals 
  • How tracking your sales helps improve the return on investment for your business


01:12: The root cause of money problems in business
02:47: Three profit drivers in business
02:53: Path Profitability Masterclass and Unlock Your Pricing Strategies Podcast
04:21: Marketing and Sales KPIs
05:40: Proper outsourcing and hiring of people for your business
06:19: Importance of tracking sales conversions to increase profit in business
07:02: Understanding your return on investment
10:12: Knowing what your customer needs
11:30: Identifying the potential for improvement
13:36: The key step in improving your business profit

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