She Means Profit

Profitibility Is Why Your Business Is Here

November 09, 2020 Melissa Houston / Maria Tan Episode 8
She Means Profit
Profitibility Is Why Your Business Is Here
Show Notes

“If you are so far from your vision, it can be very overwhelming to think of something so big.”

- Maria Tan

When you’re heading out on a journey to an unknown place, one of the most important things you can have with you is a map. That’s no less true when you’re starting a business.

So, let’s work on your cartography skills.

My guest for this episode, Maria, Tan has been described as a ‘business coach for misfits’ who empowers non-conformists across the globe to create success tailored to their lifestyles. Prior to this, she worked as a cross-cultural business and communications consultant and has coached over 1000 professionals.

Maria is an expert in helping her clients create meaningful, practical, and doable business plans that are reverse-engineered from their life goals and divided into sensible stages that take the overwhelm out of growing your business. Her focus is on building sustainability, not just sales.

A big part of this segmented planning is making challenging decisions regarding your offering —  or offerings — at each stage. As Maria says, “Business is all about diversification. But in the beginning, you cannot have too many offers or else you will confuse yourself. Your energy will be split.” When should you develop your online course? Should you start with one-on-ones or group sessions? How many products can you handle selling right now? 

Maria explains it all in this episode!

“You have to fall in love with what you’re offering… You might be confident with what you’re selling. But If you’re not certain of the results it’ll bring others, it will make you doubt yourself.”

- Maria Tan

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • How to create a practical and meaningful game plan for your business, based on your life goals
  • What you need to consider when developing each of your offerings — and when you would be better of waiting
  • Why ‘thinking big’ is so challenging for so many people — and the rewards of getting over that mindset


  • 00:43  Introducing my guest, Maria Tan
  • 02:21  Maria’s entrepreneurial journey
  • 08:53  Start by selling to friends 
  • 09:36  Struggles, fears, and cultural impacts
  • 12:01  Moving from in-person to online
  • 14:21  Create sustainability, not just sales
  • 15:00  Reverse-engineer your goals to come up with your big-picture business plan
  • 17:55  Why aren’t we trained to think big?
  • 18:52  You have your vision — what now?
  • 24:28  Time to create your game plan
  • 26:32  People don’t understand profit — and they should!
  • 27:38  Choosing between offering a digital course or a one-on-one
  • 32:01  The impact of having a real game plan for your business
  • 34:11  Maria’s big takeaway  


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